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Forth Programming Tools

Tachyon programs, after development in the text editor, are copied and pasted in a terminal program, e.g., Tera Term, communicating with the propeller. The two zip attachments are forth programming terminals which combine a text editor with a terminal, facilitating program transfer.

Fortifer was developed by Lubos Pekny in 2010 and posted on the in 2010. It is no longer available on this site. (The site does contain several articles detailing the history and development of FORTH.) Existing forth programs can be downloaded or new forth programs developed in the text editor and then can be transferred to the terminal (stepwise if desired).

ForthTerm, which has a color-coded text editor, can paste saved files directly in the terminal. New programs developed in the editor must be saved as a file before transfer. ForthTerm was developed to support MV4th16, which was designed for the propeller, ca 2010. It was the propeller's first forth which was subsequently succeeded by PropForth. For historic reasons, I have one propeller with 4 selectable eeproms, each running a different forth: MV4th, PropForth, pfth, and Tachyon.


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