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Other FORTHs for the P1 or P2 out there ? — Parallax Forums

Other FORTHs for the P1 or P2 out there ?

MaciekMaciek Posts: 466
edited 2021-08-07 22:14 in ForthSpace

Has anyone seen or know of any FORTH - other than Tachyon or TAQOZ - that runs on the P1 or P2 ?

Not that I need one as I believe a hardware specific forth is more suitable for an embedded development but there are users who may wish to run more "standard" version of forth especially on the P2.


  • Christof Eb.Christof Eb. Posts: 520
    edited 2021-08-07 17:51

    There was PropForth but it was really slow.

  • RsadeikaRsadeika Posts: 3,591

    I believe Dave Hein created a Forth, but I do not remember the name to search for.


  • fridafrida Posts: 148

    Dave Hein started "FAST - A Forth interpreter"
    There's another called "PropForth"

  • I wrote pfth, which is an ANSI compliant Forth for the P1. It was faster than PropForth, but not as fast as Tachyon. I started working on FAST, which would have been a faster version of pfth, but I never completed it.

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