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A Tachyon Robot Control Language for Wheeled Robot Platforms (TRCL) — Parallax Forums

A Tachyon Robot Control Language for Wheeled Robot Platforms (TRCL)

IMHO, any robot operating system should meet three criteria:
1. Critical features, such as motor control, should run in the background, A PROELLER advantage.
2. The operating system should be programmable, i.e., parameters can be changed, new commands
added, old commands deleted in situ. Thus FORTH.
3. The robot command syntax should be simple, easily remembered, and universally applicable.

The attached pdf document outlines the structure of a forth robot control language. We begin with the kernel where differences in different platforms, e.g., dc or servo motors, are programmed in setting motor direction and speed. Indefinite (drone mode) motions are constructing combining kernel commands. Defined motion commands (move ahead 6 inches or turn 45 degrees) are derived by using encoder data. Maneuvers control motions based on sensor data, e.g., the avoidance maneuver using ping data. Combining multiple maneuvers lead to autonomous behavior.

The attached 3 text documents are TRCL programs for the BOE (servo motors), S3 (dc motors) and the LittleRobot (stepper motors). All programs use Tachyon Juno + Extend as the base system. Note the differences in the kernel commands.

My interest is an applying Forth to applications which use control systems. I will post forth programs controlling 3 and 4 wheel robots at a later date.



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