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Feedback on your Assembly documentation. — Parallax Forums

Feedback on your Assembly documentation.

My suggestions were not being saved, so here is some feedback.

It would be good if you started the assembly description with a high level description. Give the lay of the land, before getting into the details.

For example:

Some english language desciption of S, D, N, C registers would be very helpful.
S Source field. These bits are the address of the source for this instruction set.
D Destination Field. These bits are the address of the destination for the results of this operation.
I may have that wrong, but that proves my point, not quite sure wha they represent. Eventually I will figure it out, but
Much much easier if you just tell me. W and c also need better descriptions.



  • Hi Chris- Thanks for all the feedback (here and other threads).

    Just to confirm that I've been logging the comments from everyone and they are being shared with the docs team at our regular meetings.

    The PASM2 docs will be progressed once the P2 Manual is completed, so you may not see changes for a couple months, but they are coming !

  • @VonSzarvas You are also welcome to adopt the lexicon.

  • @lozinski
    In the Propeller tool under the help tab is a P1 Manual and in it is a PASM chapter.
    That will help you out a lot trying to figure out PASM. P2 and P1 PASM are very similar.

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