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P2 PASM USB-Stick 2.0 read/write (RAW) — Parallax Forums

P2 PASM USB-Stick 2.0 read/write (RAW)

Is there a routine for the P2 to write and read sectors (RAW) of a USB stick 2.0 ?


  • As far as I understand, this is the state of P2 USB Host support:

    And no, it's not mass-storage compatible.

    If this question is pertaining to your earlier one regarding : I plan on investigating ESP32 as SD-card controller. See e.g. - the user there reports several megabyte per seconds write-speed. However using SDIO is not trivial it seems, at least my experiments with a wired setup failed so far.

    I will also conduct some SD SPI mode tests, and can report back if interested.

  • For the P1 I have found the possibility to edit storage media in raw mode.
    This should not cause any problems with the P2.

  • I didn’t day it’s impossible. It just doesn’t seem to be the status quo with the current driver. I’d be thrilled to learn otherwise.

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