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XBee Line Passing

I'm comfortable sending data over XBee. Now I want to explore Line Passing. I need to tear some stuff a part to test this out, thus my pre-questions. Is there anything about this process I should be aware of, any gotchas, or anything out of the ordinary? Not many YouTube videos out there. Found some stuff that's pretty dated. Most info is the new XBee3 and microPython, but i need the 900mhz stuff.

Ideally, I have 2 radios that detect a 5v signal (I know I need to turn that into a 3.3) and Line Passes that signal to a third radio that's the brains of the outfit with a Propeller 1. It decides what to do. It then Line Passes back to one or both of the other radios to turn some relays on. Basically, all of this behaves as if it's a wired extension of the Propeller??

I'm using these radios -
This is pretty much my bible -


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