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I need help

So I have a boe bot. I'm programming using basic stamp and I uploaded a program. Now my thing will not let a new program on the robot. Basically I I'm stuck with my thing going straight forward and I can't change it. The computer says the thing is scanning. I did something ( idk what it was) that fixed it but it came back. Since I am a beginner it might be a rookie problem, but if anyone knows please help.


  • Ok, I'm guessing you have the basic stamp editor software, and the FTDI Usb driver. Open the program and plugin the cable, make sure the stamp is powered up. Hit F6, or under Run at the top of the program select Identify. It should say Bs2 found on one of the Com. ports.. Your trouble could be the cable, low or no power to the stamp.

  • Yea. Turns out I was transferring thru the wrong port, so nothing was picking up. Thanks for the help!

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