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New Cable and an old idea -- see photo — Parallax Forums

New Cable and an old idea -- see photo

I'd originally ordered the cables seen in the photo.

Seen there in hopes that they would mate with one with Dupont connectors I'd bought from Sparkfun earlier in the month. That connector is too large, but does work with an interconnecting cable from a different source. My next step was to fabricate those two breakout boards, again using a pair from Sparkfun, and regular breakaway headers.

And of course the program used. All of you who, ah, follow my efforts will recognize this:

' {$STAMP BS2}
' {$PBASIC 2.0}

serdata  VAR  Byte

'*****this will wait for serial from calculator
SERIN 15,396,[serdata]

'***this will send it to the pc debug screen
DEBUG DEC serdata, CR

'***this will send the same data plus 1 back to the calculator
serdata=serdata + 1
SEROUT 15,396,[serdata]

GOTO again

It's the original program for having a Stamp 2 to talk to the TI83 Plus device. Typically with anything new with the Stamp with me that's the first one I'll assemble the stuff for and run. I'll probably try one that displays what's happening on an LCD display board such as the 16x2 one that Parallax sells.
[Incidentally gang the backticks for code idea did work here.]

This will be an ongoing effort so this thread will continue onward with other ideas, since that cable will be used to collect other information than just calculator numbers.

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