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Looking for Objects for an OLED Display Demo

Hi Everyone,

I'm having trouble finding the below objects in the Propeller Tool Library and Parallax's OBEX on GitHub. Does anyone know where to find them or have any of them that they can send? The demo I'm using was written by Jesse Burt, and updated in 2021 so I figure they're probably out there.


Thanks for the help.



  • Never mind. Searching through the forum, I found a post that lead to where those objects are in Parallax's OBEX.



  • @ZachS

    Just FYI, those are not from Parallax's OBEX...those look like files from my fork of the spin-standard-library - something that someone started years ago and abandoned. I decided to pick it up but in another repository (which you've found :) )
    Anything in that repository will work best if you have the entire thing downloaded. Also I make fairly heavy use of features only found in the cross-platform spin compiler, OpenSpin (or FlexSpin), so many objects may not compile in Parallax's Propeller Tool.
    If you need any support for it just let me know - I work on it mostly every day, even if there aren't any commits that day.


  • @avsa242

    Thanks for the support Jesse.

    I'll let you know if I run into anything. Good tip about downloading the whole repository. I am using the Propeller Tool so I'll let you know if I run into any issues.



  • Don MDon M Posts: 1,636

    @avsa242 I wish your objects worked in the Parallax Propeller Tool. You have a nice collection.

  • @"Don M" ,

    Thanks...much appreciated. I use Linux, and Propeller Tool doesn't really work reliably under Wine, from past experience...there's always some quirk that makes it cumbersome or unreliable. Also, maintaining OpenSpin spin1, FlexSpin spin2 and Propeller Tool-compatible spin1 objects for every project would be a ton of work (the first two I already do). I'm really really hoping that Parallax eventually separates the compiler from the IDE in Propeller Tool so at least if someone wanted to, they could use something like OpenSpin, FlexSpin, etc with it. Then it wouldn't matter what IDE was being used. This may be a long way off, though, or not planned at all.
    Some of the features that Roy added to OpenSpin (and Eric to FlexSpin) like unused code removal and especially the preprocessor just make way too much sense once you've used them a few times - these are the features that unfortunately make it less trivial to rewrite the code to work with the Propeller Tool.

    I think the lowest barriers to entry to try the library on Windows would be PropellerIDE (I think there might be prebuilt Windows packages...though I don't know where exactly, off the top of my head), or FlexProp.
    I am generally open to converting specific objects to Propeller Tool compatible code on might just take a bit of time.


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