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P2 Propeller Tool & Print

pic18f2550pic18f2550 Posts: 195
edited 2021-06-08 15:02 in Propeller 2

I have strange effects when printing.

  1. individual letters are simply displayed half smaller and shifted up in height.

  2. how can I stop the printing of the background color. I don't have to throw money at the printing industry.

  3. in the first line a "\" or "[date]" is printed.

  4. the bottom line is simply cut off when the sheet is set to landscape format.

Propellertool 2.4.1 ( is there something newer here where this does not occur? )


  • Hi @pic18f2550

    There are later versions, but none that "fix" the problems you reported. There may be some workarounds (below); however.

    1. I haven't seen that happen, but the answer to the following item may improve it
    2. When you activate the Print feature, uncheck the Syntax Print feature
    3. This is something I've been unable to find a solution for
    4. For me, it cuts off the last line on the page a little even on portrait mode

    Besides the possible solutions above, there are definitely problems in the print support that I'll note and try to solve in a future release of the software.

  • msrobotsmsrobots Posts: 3,365

    copy into another editor and print from there?

  • Nah, that doesn't solve the problem.
    Furthermore, the formatting usually no longer fits.

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