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Pixy2 Propeller C

void showVersion()
int ec;
print("You are in show version line 102");
ec = pixy2_getVersion();
print("You are in show version line 104"); // <-------------
if (ec == RESULT_OK) {
print("Hardware = %d\n", pixy2_hardware());
print("Firmware = %d.%d.%d ", pixy2_fwMajor(), pixy2_fwMinor(), pixy2_fwBuild());
print("(%s)\n\n", pixy2_fwType());

The code runs forever in pixy2_getVersion. All the terminal shows is Pixy2 Serial Test. Please help.


  • At the moment, your code is somewhat hard to read. You can fix this by typing three backticks and then the language you’re using, like this: ``` C
    Then hit enter and type your code. When your code block is finished, hit enter to make a new line and type three backticks again to close the code block, like this: ```

  • Without seeing the code for pixy2_getVersion() it's impossible for us to know why it is running forever. Please post the code for pixy2_getVersion().

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 7,622

    Are your connections correct? If there is no response back from the Pixy, the code may seem stuck.

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