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So, What's in the (mystery) Box? — Parallax Forums

So, What's in the (mystery) Box?

A scored pcb panel of BS2pe (50 of them)
A bag of robot electronics parts
Veho world speaker thing
A high speed 360 servo
A boebot book for basic stamp
An Xbee 3 cell modem dev kit
A boebot arduino style
Loose costco AA cells that fell out of the arduino bot.
An S3 (it does power up)

The BS2s will make good practice for my new Zephtronics toys.


  • ercoerco Posts: 19,958

    You got 50X BS2pe's?


  • Just the blank PCBs. Would still have to populate them. No one I know would ever get that lucky. Last one I knew of was the guy who bought some semi trailers of old parts GE medical auctioned. Someone screwed up and the guy ended up with a trailer full of brand new CT tubes. GE sued and lost. I'd be lucky to break even at the Laughlin SCSSSS (senior citizens social security separation system).

    Likely I will use some of them to dial in my skills with the Zephyrtronics rework tools I have. Guess I should have been more specific, forgot the panel would not have been broken up until after assembly...

    Sorry if I caused anyone's head to explode (Ken?, your accountant? The person in shipping?)


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