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TAQOZ Reloaded v2.8 - Word Glossary



  • Is there a glossary or other documentation yet for the FILES module, particularly for things like deleting a file or renaming a file?

  • bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 241
    edited 2021-05-30 19:05

    Files glossary - it's about time there was one, so give me a week or so ;-)
    Add to the existing glossary or a separate document? I don't mind which.

  • Given that the FILES module is included in TAQOZ Reloaded, I would recommend that you add to the existing glossary. Thank you.

  • @"Mike Green"
    That took less time than expected to add the SD card words to the glossary (at the top of this thread). As I've no experience with this module and you (will) have, for any mods or additions, please get in touch. Small examples of how words work with each other are always useful, for instance.

  • Thank you for the warm support. I love this forum.

    I have already been reading the Taqoz Assembly. There is so much to learn here.
    The word definitions are pretty easy to follow. The part I have a hard time with is the memory definitions at the start. So it would be great to work with someone else on that. I suspect there is more documentation on the assembly language I have not found yet.

    We also need to resolve the conflict what is the official repository Peter's dropbox or the github Taqoz repository?

    Also we should rewrite the assembly a bit. taqoz now supports multiple dictionaries, we should have the core functionality, stack, and operations, plus pins, in the main dictionary, but separate out the other stuff like erminals, so it can be optionally loaded. That would save some very valuable space in the cogs. No rush. Lots of other things to do first.

    I do want to grow this Forth group. I mention it from time to time in the Silicon valley Forth interest group. and on I am thinking of offering a Taqoz classes. I have not committed to it. Put up a terminal in a web browser, and connect each student to their own cog over MQTT. The magic is that one has to be able to watch what the students are typing, in order to manage the class. I have all of the tools for that. here is a Teaching Python turtle graphics demo.

    And for cPython (Pyodide).


  • @bob_g4bby
    Beautiful, just beautiful.
    You have no idea how much time you just saved me.
    Thank you

  • @bob_g4bby I think this thread should be moved to forthspace (

  • Thanks for moving the glossary to Forthspace - so much easier to find forth stuff. I checked all the glossary links to other stuff still worked

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