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EEPROM for Propeller 1

Hi all,

Just wanted to see what eeproms folks have used with their Propeller 1 designs? We tend to use 24LC512 and aren't terribly interested in the problem associated with SD cards, so seeing if anyone has used any other options that can hold more?



  • The 24FC1026P obviously is a bigger EEPROM option. You can also just stick 4 of those on the bus for 512K total capacity.

    Various SPI flashes should also work, but you may need to write the driver yourself.

    There isn't really any problem at all with SD cards, the drivers for P1 are stable.

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 7,568
    edited 2021-04-08 22:39

    We tend to use 24LC512

    Me, too. On a recent project, however, I needed far more storage than we could get with an EEPROM, so we went with a Flash chip. I was able to prototype generic Spin routines on my P2 Eval and get them to work on the P1. To be honest, we didn't use the Flash very efficiently, but it served the customer's purpose.

  • I replaced the 64KB EEPROM on my USB Project Board with two AT24CM02 chips (256KB X 8 or 2Mb) for a total of 512KB X 8 (4Mb).

    As it turns out I probably could have just used a single AT24CM02 because so far my C program is around 128KB in size, and likely won't exceed 256KB. But the extra storage is there if I need it.

    Obviously if the code exceeded 512KB I would have to look into the Flash memory option that @JonnyMac mentioned above.

  • Thanks for these suggestions all!

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