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Spin2/PASM2 S.BUS Receive/Decode with Graphical Output (DEBUG PLOT) — Parallax Forums

Spin2/PASM2 S.BUS Receive/Decode with Graphical Output (DEBUG PLOT)

JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 7,569
edited 2021-03-17 20:38 in Propeller 2

Not long ago a friend from the movie business asked me about writing an S.BUS object for him to use in the props and effects world. Shortly thereafter, @iseries started a thread on the topic and the use of smart pins. That inspired me to get to work on a Spin2/PASM2 version, as his project is C.

Special thanks go out to @TonyB_ and @evanh for tips and tricks to make some of my PASM2 code more efficient (though I still think user-friendly). Also to @"Stephen Moraco" for his idea about putting the long DEBUG configuration string into a DAT string for easier maintenance and readability.

I tested the code using a SkyFly FS-i6X transmitter with FS-iA10B receiver (configured for S.BUS output). The pair were just $60 from Amazon.

There seems to be a lot of support for these products in the RC community so I thought it was worth the chance. It worked out well. For $60 I have a nice, long-range controller that requires just one pin and a cog on the P2 end. The receiver is powered from 4-6v but puts out a 3.3v signal on the i-BUS/S.BUS port.

Here's the graphical output from one of my test programs using the PLOT functionality of DEBUG in Propeller Tool. My receiver only has 10 channels but S.BUS supports 18 (16 analog, 2 digital); the receiver defaults channels 11-16 to the center point and the digital channels to off

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