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Studica Robotics

ercoerco Posts: 19,942

I just got an email from Studica, which I have used to buy software. Now they are selling their own branded robotics kit, which looks to be a mix of omni- and mecanum wheels and beams I have seen elsewhere. Of course they promise they are the "best", just like everyone else. There are so many kits and systems and controllers and languages that it's getting hard to keep up. Mostly a good problem to have, I suppose. Educational toys have been selling like wildfire during the pandemic.


  • blittled2blittled2 Posts: 14
    edited 2021-02-05 14:52

    I haven't bought anything from Studica but I have been working with MakeBlock's Starter kit which is similar. It looks like Studica has made huge improvements on Makeblock's "Erector" style robot with their Building System. MakeBlock's web store is pitiful when it comes to parts and I found that you can find most any MakeBlock part on Studica as well.

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