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Who doesn't,

Like the new format, vote yay or nay


  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 18,063

    Apparently we don’t have a choice. See the other threads for reasons from @VonSzarvas

  • Capt. QuirkCapt. Quirk Posts: 872
    edited 2021-02-02 04:35

    I like it! a big improvement over the last version.

    Only dislike is the trend to use a plain jane, all white backgrounds.

    There is an image on part of the background, I would prefer a blue/

    gray background with a white/gray image. Or an image that screams

    basic stamp creativity, over the, go to the shelf, and grab the box


    Bill M.

  • Duane DegnDuane Degn Posts: 10,568
    edited 2021-01-27 00:44

    As Cluso99 said there wasn't an option to keep the old software. I believe the deadline was January 30 to make the change.

    Edit: The January 30 deadline was mentioned in this reply.

  • The animated cog/hub image is too distracting.

    I hope it'll vanish or gets replaced with a not animated version.

  • Oh!

    Accidentally clicked on [Post Comment] twice and that did send an empty message. Did the old editor behave the same way?

  • Will post numbers stay the same if e.g. my empty post would get deleted?⁽¹⁾ If all others after the deleted one would get renumbered, post numbers would not make sense at all! I'll only use the timestamp's link to mesh posts!


    1: I'll flag the empty one asking for deletion...

  • So it seems they are renumbered with the standard plugin. Not much to do about that at the moment, other than making sure we don't delete user posts, but just empty them (if needed) instead.

    Will bear this in mind as I'm preparing for the Vanilla 4 update, in case some other solution comes to light. I suppose that was why post numbers were removed in the first place. But really, apart from spammers, in serious threads there is never any need to delete posts, so if all the mods (@Publison) are aware, this need not be an issue.

  • Changed to fade in/out between image changes, rather than the jumpy bumpy carousel.

    At some point these will probably become static images, as these were supposed to be fun placeholders for Parallax to showcase useful stuff.

  • Thanks!

    ...and a next update... phew ...we should vote for some extended holidays for the whole crew then!

  • yetiyeti Posts: 816
    edited 2021-01-28 13:41

    🙃 ¡ooʇ ɹǝpun uʍop ɯoɹɟ spuǝıɹɟ ɹno ǝɯoɔןǝʍ ǝʍ ʎןןɐuıɟ pu∀



    Looks like you can't ctrl-c/-v smileys...

    And that big smiley appeared when I started a code block via 3 backticks and wanted to edit something in it... or am I record breakingly undercaffeinated? Before that it was a normal sized smiley before the "Looks like you can't ctrl-c/-v smileys..." line.

    But now for something completely different?

    After typing 3 backticks, enter and then moo...


    ...the cursor is before "moo". And this editor is so slow that I sometimes see the chars come in drop by drop... and this is a I5@2.6GHz in my not-eBook!

    Let's get back to the stoneage BB forum... pleaaaaaaaseeeeee...

  • Let's get back to the stoneage BB forum... pleaaaaaaaseeeeee...

    Complain to the Vanilla maintainers for making this barely functional WYSIWYG input the only viable option.

    The code blocks making the cursor jump is a known issue that is being WorkedOn. If you have tampermonkey or smth like that installed, try this userscript for now. The main intent is to test the Spin/Spin2 highlighter plugin, but the fricking stupid webpack shitware that is used to build the rich editor stuff makes it impossible to actually interact with the highlight.js library, so I have to block it from loading and load the normal version instead. This breaks the library calls from the rich editor into hljs, which has the side-effect of making the cursor behave more properly.

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name         Owie ouch spin plugin
    // @version      0.1
    // @match        *://*
    // @run-at document-start
    // @require
    // @require
    // ==/UserScript==
    var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]
    var oldAppendChild = head.appendChild;
    head.appendChild = function() {
        if (arguments[0].tagName == "SCRIPT" && arguments[0].src.toLowerCase().includes("highlightjs")) {
            console.log("AROOOGA!! "+arguments[0].src);
        oldAppendChild.apply(this, arguments);
    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', (event) => {
      document.querySelectorAll('.codeBlock').forEach((block) => {
    var styleLink = document.createElement("link");
    styleLink.type = "text/css";
    styleLink.rel = "stylesheet";
    styleLink.href = "/dist/forum/highlightJs-light.min.css";
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