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ubtech robots anyone?


Just came across these.
Did a search on forum and nothing, and yet I can't believe they gone un-noticed.
Hundred bucks, Six servos, controller, batteries, phone ap, blockly like language.
Seems to be a few for auction on ebay currently less than $20.
Nice to make a prop controller :)




  • YanomaniYanomani Posts: 1,323
    edited 2021-01-01 17:54
    Perhaps some concerns about children/player privacy did affected the "net value" of the product...
  • Hi

    Children!!! Children!!! far too good for their short attention spans:) - chuck the controller and ap away and replace with a prop!

  • ercoerco Posts: 20,034

    I've been watching these at CES every year, a friend of mine worked there for a while. Lots of drama at that company. The robots are also pretty dramatic, and the well-done app shows clearly how to build & use their canned routines. Kind of a small ecosystem (and closed source IIRC) as delivered, but there is a hackers' kit available.

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