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HDMI Display Stand

I just got my HDMI display and see that it is just the bare bones of a display. No Contrast, No Brightness just the display.

The first thing I did was remove all the wires from the provided power plug and just put back the Red and Black wires to where they should be. Nothing worse than having your wires crossed before you begin. I then added a servo plug to the end of the cable so I could either plug it into my Raspberry Pi or into my P2 board to power the unit up.

The next thing is it just sits there looking up at the ceiling. That's not going to work at all. Nothing worse then a kink in your neck while trying to figure something out. The unit was to big for me to print a complete bezel with my 3D printer. So I designed a stand that sets the display up at a 45 degree angle so I could read it.

Here is a picture of the stand on the display.

Still don't like that large HDMI cable coming out the top of the unit. Not very attractive.

2448 x 3264 - 2M
1261 x 726 - 51K


  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 18,018
    edited 2020-11-08 20:58
    Take a look at the 3D printed box and foldable stand I did for my converted laptop screen. Works really well.
    Is there sufficient room for the HDMI cable to come out and bend if the unit was rotated 180 deg? If yes, then perhaps there is a command (else software) it rotate the display 180 deg?

    Otherwise, think I’ve seen HDMI 90 deg converters.
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