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MysteryBoxen Still there — Parallax Forums

MysteryBoxen Still there

The latest mysterious box offering doesn't seem to be disappearing as fast as the last ones? What's up with that?


  • Maybe a bit too soon after the last one?
  • My theory is the bruises are still healing from when their significant others found-out about the previous boxes. (I might be the poster child for this! hehehe)
  • kwinnkwinn Posts: 8,692
    Or it could be the contents. I intended to order one with my other parts but have zero interest in the silly string.
  • @kwinn, the silly string was what got my attention. Well, only sort of. It was the laser sensor that caught my eye. It may turn out to be the fastest way for me to get an alert or enable a webcam.

    @JRoark, The laser seemed the best alibi anyway.....
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