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Help Needed: Troubleshooting Parallax Elev-8 Hexcopter — Parallax Forums

Help Needed: Troubleshooting Parallax Elev-8 Hexcopter

Hey guys,

My name is Drew and I am in need of some help with a Parallax Elev-8 Hexcopter. I am the CS Tech Lab Aid aide at a small university and have been tasked with getting the an older drone in the air. I have looked online for some help and cant find what I am looking for so I thought I would jump in here and see if anyone had a starting place for me. If you guys can help here that would be awesome or any pointers to other resources would be awesome too.

So far I have plugged in the battery and gotten chimes (from the rotors I think) I turned the controller on (Spektrum Dx6i) and gotten them to connect. I was not sure of the arming sequence but a video I saw had them move the left stick once to the left and then to the right. The indicator light then turned green but only one rotor spin when I throttled up and that one was super weak and only went back and forth.

I am very new to this and have never worked with this type of drone so any info would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your answers in advance!!



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