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What's your go-to for sanity during COVID-19 times?



  • @"Carol Hazlett" said:

    @"Buck Rogers" said:

    @"Carol Hazlett" said:
    I play with my Boe-bots, build WWII plastic model aircraft and ships, crochet afghans and hats and take ZANAX.

    Um which family of plastic model aircraft from that period? I've got things for the Corsair, wings for a bigger engine, and the Spitfire. (Very dangerous and fast as greased lightning.) And the B29 and the B17. (It seems one of those survived a Fox-4, that's right, midair collision, the other side's fighter? not so much.)

    I have all of those and in several scales, what scales are those in? My favorite scale to work with is 1/32 but I also have 1/48s. My B29 is the Enola Gay but I also want to make one of the Bockscar.

    Actually any scale you want. I've not had the time to be a scale modeler in a very long time.

  • learning ,learning, and more learning

  • @"Buck Rogers" said:
    Is that a clip from "Dark Crystal"? I saw the film a good long time ago, it was great. And it was all done desktop. We use BASIC Stamps or Prop sets to manage servos, they used a gaggle of custom boards in Apple computers, (Apple actual not Mac) to run them.

    yep and while the movie was ok , as usual it was nothing like the book.

  • ercoerco Posts: 20,068

    @"Tracy Allen" : Thanks for your informed comment, this has been a neat project for sure. BTW this is the digital ozone sensor they had selected ($150): . They also offer a $50 analog version:

    I tried the analog sensor but the digital one was more stable. Both required calibration. O3 loaned me a pretty $ophisticated lab-calibrated ozone meter which used a fuel cell which I then used to create setpoints for my system.

  • pik33pik33 Posts: 1,226
    edited 2021-11-29 19:12

    @"Tracy Allen" said:
    Erco's work with O3technologies caught my eye. People have used UVC for sterilizing PPE and spaces, but they seemed to avoid ozone, due its toxicity. But contained and neutralized it should be okay and very effective.

    One drawback of UVC is lack of deep penetration into or to the opposite side of material, shadowing. People have come up with schemes to rotate, flip, or surround the target To satisfy my own curiosity, I bought a UV fixture, one that does not filter out the 185nm ionizing radiation that generates ozone. It came with a timer that could be set from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. The photo shows it inside a gasketed NEMA enclosure lined with foil. I figured the combination of the UVC and the penetrating power of the ozone would be a better sanitizer than the UVC alone, a double whammy. The smell of ozone was strong when opening it up, and detectable by nose even after a while to let it dissipate. I had a UVC meter, but no way to measure O3 quantitatively. Much less any way to see if it really worked to deactivate viruses.

    O3technologies probably isn't using 185nm light to produce the ozone. Something like a corona discharge would be more efficient. Subsequently, according to their web site, they use UVC (plus a catalyst) to dissipate the ozone after a treatment. That would I guess be the longer non-ionizing UVC wavelength, ~254nm.

    We are constructing a family of robots at our technical university. One, with UVC lamps covered, disinfecting the air. The second, with UVC lamps uncovered and additional horizontal arms, disinfecting surfaces.

    The video is in Polish but you can see our team and the air disinfecting robot prototype, partially uncovered and with white lamps instead of UVC

    Propeller 2 powered!

  • PIK, I see you come in at 1:27. I wish I could pick up more than the word "robot". Clearly one enlightened appliance! No glimpse of the Prop2 circuit board though.

  • Erco, I'll take a look at that Spec-sensors ozone sensor, could be a good option. Their facility is nearby in the east bay, and I've used their CO sensor in Prop1 development. Nice people. Calibration and drift with time is always a big issue, and any serious project would have to ready access to a reference meter or service. I do have a reference UV meter with sensors for UVA and UVC, left over from a project where we were testing lamps that were used to attract insects to light traps for agricultural purposes.

    Worth watching, the animations of the origin, growth and spread of SARS-COV2 variants at

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