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HIP4086 driver malfunctioning? — Parallax Forums

HIP4086 driver malfunctioning?

I have a breadboard project using an HIP4086AP driver to drive 6 MOSFETs in what I think is a standard configuration.
Problem: the AHO, BHO, CHO outputs toggle between 7 and 10 volts, no other values.
That is, when xLI = 0, xHO = 7.2, and when xLI = 12, xHO = 10.0

The ALO, BLO, CLO outputs toggle between nominal 0 and 12V as expected, according to the input signals.
Of course this began blowing up MOSFETS by shoot-through.
I have disconnected anything from the the HIP outputs, checked for shorts.
I have replaced the HIP4086 at least four times, all show the same anomaly at the high outputs.
The HIP is pushed into a Digikey breadboard for prototyping. I have checked all the relevant holes and rows for shorts or any cross-connection.
I have tried permutations with the inputs, leaving xHI unconnected, grounded, or connected to xLI, result is same 7 or 10V at xHO
I have RDEL at pin 7 = 86k, to avoid shootthrough
I have tried pulling CHO to ground via 26k resistor, CHO continues to be at 7 or 10V always

My tube of about 12 HIP4086 replacements is about 15 years old, if that is relevant.
Is there any history of this problem?


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