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I2C questions

This is in the Micro questions box because it concerns both the Prop 1 and the BASIC Stamp family.

Would someone please confirm that they can make use of the I2C concept, and that the Prop 1 has its Flash Memory connected there, but that it can also be used by regular activity workers, meaning us? And that the BASIC Stamp2 has them connected to the memory chip, and they are not available. But that that they are in later ones, and can use BASIC Stamp code blurbs to talk to the devices?

Basically I need to have that assertion either confirmed or refuted.


  • All yeses, I think.

    For later stamps, look at I2CIN and I2COUT.
  • Prop 1 and 2 and the Basic Stamps all can use I2C devices. The Basic Stamp "p" series have I2C support built-in. The earlier Stamps can handle some simple I2C devices with subroutines that take up much of the available program memory ... look at one of the Nuts and Volts articles for a discussion and listings of the subroutines.

    Both Prop 1 and Prop 2 support I2C. For Prop 1, there are several different "objects" available that can use pretty much any pair of I/O pins for the I2C bus. Pins 28 and 29 are used for the boot EEPROM and other devices can be added to this I2C bus. I've used pins 17 and 18 for a secondary I2C bus on a Prop Mini board. Look at "Basic_I2C_Driver" for a Spin object. There's also support in the C library for I2C.
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