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eb500 Bluetooth got bricked. Any Spares Around? — Parallax Forums

eb500 Bluetooth got bricked. Any Spares Around?

TimCTimC Posts: 73
edited 2020-08-11 19:17 in Accessories
Hi all,
This is going way back possibly the first Bluetooth device sold by Parallax.

Yesterday while attempting to upgrade my eb500 v1.0 to v2.0 build 247 I somehow bricked it. Yup I should have done this 10 years ago! The software I used was EmbeddedBlueDFU.exe installed on my win 2000 machine. Everything was working I tested the COM1 connection to the eb500 via a terminal at 9600baud and there were no errors. So I started the update process. The process seemed to be starting but when trying to communicate at 115,200baud something went wrong and the update software gracefully failed saying the new firmware could not be installed and the eb500 should be reset before use.

All that happends now is a continuous stream of RRRRRRR's through the serial port. No commands are accepted. The manual states that the eb500 can be reset by shorting Pin 8 and Pin 9 but it does not reset. Looks like I bricked it good. The company that made it: is gone.

So it's a long shot but has anyone seen this before and knows a way out? I do have another one that was at the other end of the link, they do work well in pairs.



  • Actually, to reset it's shorting pin 8 to 9 then applying power. Is that what you did?
  • Thank you for your suggestion. Yes that is what I did.
  • But did it work?

    So what did happen next?
  • Hi Buck,
    No It's still acting the same way, only spitting out a continuous stream of RRR's at 9600 baud. I have reset the board several times in two different environments just in case the power or wiring was wrong in some small way.

    I can add that this is a early version "A" as printed on the white label with serial number.

  • Realizing it's time to bury my little eb500 so I'm wondering if anyone has one they could sell me.
    V2.0 would be optimal.
    Thank You
    Tim C.
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