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BlockyProp Launcher w/ WM wifi on different network — Parallax Forums

BlockyProp Launcher w/ WM wifi on different network

I have a wifi network that is, and a wired network that is

While attempting to discover the WM modules on the wifi using a desktop that is wired, I can't find the devices. However if I use a laptop connected to the same network as the WM modules it works as expected.

Is there a configuration filed I can edit to enable storing known modules perhaps by IP of the module? I can connect directly to the module from the wired using its IP, however just not with the BlockyProp Launcher.

My network likely is not the norm, so this may not be supported. Took a bit of trial and error to figure out why this wasn't working. Had a heck of a time getting the module joined initially.


  • This appears to be a routing problem between the two networks. There needs to be a route from to

    That said, I'm not sure that is going to resolve the issue of not seeing the WX modules from the desktop. I'm not an authority on the WX modules, but I do know that, when testing them internally, we set up special WiFi networks to test these devices. In those tests, the notebooks and the WX modules were running on the same WiFi network, so no routing required. I believe the reason for this is that the WX modules use broadcasts to set things up and broadcasts are not routable. Hopefully, someone who knows the device will be along to explain that detail.
  • Thanks @"Jim Ewald" - For now I changed the WX module to a different SSID that is on the same vLAN as the desktop.

    Based on your feedback, I started looking into how to route broadcasts across subnets for Ubiquity network that I am running at home. With some router scripting I can solve this. Others have done it for broadcast devices like Sonos or IOT LED Bulbs etc. It will take some hacking as it isn't a standard out of the box like you said.
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