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TIA - An interactive inline assembler for TAQOZ



  • rogloh wrote: »
    I noticed that some of this pasted code above is using number "1" followed by zero instead of lower case letter "L" zero for the label. Be careful what you type into the code. It could be crashing if you are doing a jump to #10 (ten), instead of "L" zero..

    Thanks, I've corrected mine.
  • Hello everyone, this week I got my P2-ES board. I have installed the full TAQOZ on the SD card and it runs wonderfully.
    I programmed my last lines in Forth 30 years ago, but the learning curve is fast.
    Now I need your help. I want to do some experiments with DDS / Goertzel functions.
    I would like to translate Chips DDS / Goertzel demo program from the Parallax Propeller 2 Documentation with TIA and start it with coginit in cog # 1.
    Is that possible? How are local variables created in TIA?

    Or can I create a pasm.bin file with Pnut and load it from the SD card into a new cog with TAQOZ easyfile?
  • TIA has some rudimentary labels at present that mimic local labels except .l0 and l0 are different "words". I have added handling symbolic labels but I haven't fully implemented them yet although they resolve forward references etc. I only need an hour or two to put some finishing touches to it. Since it's interactive single pass it doesn't list the resolved forward reference although I am sure I could "relist" it if I wanted to, especially when I have TED, the screen editor running and TAQOZ can support stand-alone development.

    I will get back to you on this next week, but I know I already tried something similar with being able to take demo forum code straight into TIA.

  • Hi peter, I found an Error in TIA.
    code ASM.TX8 ( byte -- ) 
            rev a
            shr a,#24
            wypin a,#SDA
            wypin #16,#SCL
    I get this Listing
    TAQOZ#  code ASM.TX8 
                    ( byte -- )
    09E30 FF00_0001         rev a ( wrong code for cmd REV )
    09E34 F1A4_4158               ( ???????? )
    09E38 F044_4018         shr a,#24
    09E3C FC24_4009         wypin a,#SDA
    09E40 FC2C_2008         wypin #16,#SCL
     ---  ok         end
    TIA encode the cmd REV wrong.

    And how to clean up the stack and the end?
    DROP ist not working
    jmp #AT DROP crash TAQOZ

  • Peter JakackiPeter Jakacki Posts: 10,193
    edited 2020-07-09 12:28
    Glad to see you are playing with TIA but it does need some more work under the hood yet although it is mostly there. I have to add checks for the shortform implied destination operations, the ones where it normally takes source and destination but you can just give it the source and imply that it should use that for destination also. At present just use the full form of as "rev a,a" rather than the shortform.

    As for DROP it is still the same Forth DROP. To jump to DROP at present you can:
    jmp   #@DROP
    The @ is interpreted as "find the address of <word>". The reason AT isn't working the same way is due to the deferred execution mode that allows the action word to precede the parameters.

    I have to revisit TIA at some point and add those little extras. I normally like to have the absolute address though and write this as "#\@DROP".
  • Hmm,
    jmp #@DROP works good.

    but rev a,a works not.
    Now I get an Stack mismatch!
    TAQOZ#  code ASM.TX16 
                    ( word -- )
    09F10 FF00_0001         rev a,a 
    09F14 F1A4_4158
    09F18 F044_4010         shr a,#16
    09F1C FC24_4009         wypin a,#SDA
    09F20 FC2C_4008         wypin #32,#SCL
    09F24 FD9F_614F         jmp #@DROP
     ---  ok         end  Stack mismatch! 1  warnings 
    .s --- 
     DATA STACK (1)
    1   $0000_0020   32 ok
  • Peter JakackiPeter Jakacki Posts: 10,193
    edited 2020-07-09 15:29
    Totally disregard what I said before about shortform ops. My bad. I just had a look and that single destination is all that is required. However I did see something strange in the source code, it was doing a SWAP when it didn't have to. You can either load in TIA again or patch what you have.

    To patch it just do this:
    AT NOP   AT DOP 2+ W!
    TAQOZ# ON LISTING ---  ok                                                                                                                    
    TAQOZ# 56      := SCL ---  ok                                                                                                                
    TAQOZ# 57      := SDA ---  ok                                                                                                                
    TAQOZ# code ASM.TX16                                                                                                                         
                    ( word -- )                                                                                                                  
    086E6 FD60_4069          rev     a                                                                                                           
    086EA F044_4010          shr     a,#16                                                                                                       
    086EE FC24_4039          wypin   a,#SDA                                                                                                      
    086F2 FC2C_4038          wypin   #32,#SCL                                                                                                    
    086F6 FD9F_797D          jmp     #@DROP                                                                                                      
     ---  ok                 end  
  • Thanks, now ist works

  • bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 401
    edited 2021-03-29 12:52

    A minor issue with Tera Term in Windows: When assembling:-
    code DEMO
    sub a,#10 wcz
    mov a,#10
    ret rczl a

    I expected to see:-
    TAQOZ# code DEMO
    072F8 F19C_400A sub a,#10 wcz
    072FC F604_4000 mov a,#0
    07300 0D60_406B ret rczl a
    --- ok end

    But I only get:-
    TAQOZ# code DEMO
    < 3 blank lines>
    --- ok

    Anyone got a fix for that, please, is it a Tera Term setting?

  • The same here with minicom on Linux so I suspect that's an issue with last TAQOZ version. No time right now to have a look at the code, though

  • Jurop, thanks for that confirmation. I also notice that P2ASM.FTH from the dropbox TAQOZ/Forth directory does not recompile for me under Parallax P2 TAQOZ RELOADED sIDE V2.7 'CHIP' Prop_Ver G 200MHz 201123-1000, so maybe more is amiss. I get:-

    TAQOZ# TAQOZ --- Parallax P2 TAQOZ RELOADED sIDE V2.7 'CHIP' Prop_Ver G 200MHz 201123-1000
    841 error in TIA: at EOL THEN 1 flags SET? 0= UNTIL error

  • TonyB_TonyB_ Posts: 2,120
    edited 2021-03-29 11:31

    @bob_g4bby said:
    Jurop, thanks for that confirmation. I also notice that P2ASM.FTH from the dropbox TAQOZ/Forth directory does not recompile for me under Parallax P2 TAQOZ RELOADED sIDE V2.7 'CHIP' Prop_Ver G 200MHz 201123-1000, so maybe more is amiss. I get:-

    TAQOZ# TAQOZ --- Parallax P2 TAQOZ RELOADED sIDE V2.7 'CHIP' Prop_Ver G 200MHz 201123-1000
    841 error in TIA: at EOL THEN 1 flags SET? 0= UNTIL error

    With new forum software, you can create code blocks by putting three successive backtick / backquote characters (below ESC key usually) before and after the code:

    TAQOZ# IFDEF *P2ASM*    FORGET *P2ASM* } ---  ok
    TAQOZ# TAQOZ ---   Parallax P2  *TAQOZ RELOADED sIDE*  V2.7 'CHIP' Prop_Ver G 200MHz 201123-1000
    841                      error in TIA:  at EOL THEN  1 flags SET? 0= UNTIL *error*

  • Sounds like a version mismatch. I will update all the files on PCloud shortly along with a new binary. I can also make the assembler automatically turn the listing on if it is being interactively assembled.

  • bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 401
    edited 2021-03-29 12:50

    TonyB, thanks for the code block hint, but how do you stop it mangling your line formats?
    Peter, OK on the version mismatch - fyi Extend.fth and File.fth did not recompile either.

  • TonyB_TonyB_ Posts: 2,120
    edited 2021-03-29 14:29

    @bob_g4bby said:
    TonyB, thanks for the code block hint, but how do you stop it mangling your line formats?

    If you're referring to tabs, code blocks now use a tab size of 4, not 8. I use Metapad as my text editor and changing tabs temporarily to 4 is easy.

  • The assembler has been updated to produce a listing automatically unless it is being processed via a TAQOZ

    END method.
  • OK Peter, thanks for that. Recompiling the new P2ASM fails - so will wait until the new binary is done. No hurry.

  • I updated all the files bar the binary not long ago. You always have the option of loading in taqoz.spin2 which is the output of the preprocessor or the .bin from p2asm.
    How are you loading the source files in onto the board? In Linux I just use the "s" script I have for loading the source files without any line delays since it gets loaded into RAM first and then inputs and compiles from there.

    Actually "s" is just a shortcut for ascii-xfr -sn Forth/$1.FTH > /dev/ttyUSB$2 where I type ./s EXTEND 0 for instance while minicom is open and connected.

  • ErNaErNa Posts: 1,742

    As I see, you are watching here now and then: did you check your emails or PM lately ;-) There is some need here in EU

  • I just repeated the TAQOZ Reloaded installation:-

    1. have a P2 EVAL board rev C bought about two weeks ago. It boots up Taqoz ROM fine.
    2. Downloaded the P2 Dropbox
    3. Formatted a Sandisk 32Gb set to '64k'
    4. Loaded just the file _BOOT_P2.BIX onto the SDcard from the dropbox TAQOZ/binaries folder
    5. Loaded the SDcard into the P2 Eval and reset the P2
    6. That reports...
    þBOOTING....  CARD: SANDISK   SD SD32G REV$85 #3200344782 DATE:2021/1
    KERNEL            Parallax P2  *TAQOZ RELOADED sIDE*  V2.7 'CHIP' Prop_Ver G 200MHz 201123-1000
       1754 *SED*           TAQOZ SIMPLE TEXT EDITOR 210202-2130
       1566 *TEXT*          VGA BMP TEXT 190800-0000
       1184 *BMV*           BMV VIDEO PLAYER 190800-0000
        780 *WAVE*          WAVE AUDIO FILE PLAYER 190800-0000
        430 *BMP*           BMP FILE VIEWER 190800-0000
       4878 *P2ASM*         TAQOZ INTERACTIVE ASSEMBLER for the PARALLAX P2 - 210124-1200
       2358 *DISK*          SD DISK REPORTING & FORMATTING TOOLS 190800-0000
       4944 *FILE*          TAQOZ FAT32 FILE SYSTEM for SD CARD plus VIRTUAL MEMORY  210128-0830
       1616 *SPIRAM*        LY68L6400 8MB SPI RAM ACCESS 191020-0000
       1766 *DECOMPILER*    A decompiler for TAQOZ 190825-0000
        822 *UBI2C*         EFM8UB3 I2C COMMANDS 210118-0000
        620 *RTC*           RV-3028 RTC DATE and TIME 190800-0000
        884 *SMARTPINS*     SMARTPIN FUNCTIONS and drive modes 190800-0000
        400 *P2CLOCK*       P2 CLOCK CONTROL 190800-0000
       2578 *ANSI*          ANSI TERMINAL SUPPORT 200410-0000
        418 *EXTEND*        Primary kernel extensions for TAQOZ 210128-0830
       5760 *SPIFLASH*
      CODE:         0A826  43,046 bytes
      WORDS:        1BD5E  16,921 bytes
      DATA:         01F61  1,479 bytes
      ROOM:                70,968 bytes
      PCB           P2
      CLOCK IN      20.000000MHZ
      SD CARD       31 GB  SANDISK   SD SD32G REV$85 #3200344782 DATE:2021/1
    STATS           cpufreq: 200MHz  systicks: 1,051
    1. Send file P2ASM.FTH from dropbox folder TAQOZ/Forth to the P2.
    2. That results in:-
    TAQOZ# IFDEF *P2ASM*    FORGET *P2ASM* } ---  ok
    TAQOZ# TAQOZ ---   Parallax P2  *TAQOZ RELOADED sIDE*  V2.7 'CHIP' Prop_Ver G 200MHz 201123-1000
     841                      error in TIA:  at EOL THEN  1 flags SET? 0= UNTIL *error*

    The above assumes a lot, have I guessed wrong?
    Have others successfully used TAQOZ Reloaded on P2 EVAL board - I can compile many other files from the dropbox, but notably not P2ASM, EXTEND and FILE?

  • Try running COLD after a reboot and then load EXTEND and FILE and then P2ASM in that order. Post the outcome.

  • bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 401
    edited 2021-03-30 16:43

    Mm, But if EXTEND.FTH fails to recompile completely, then that leaves the system in an unusable state. Here's me loading EXTEND.FTH after executing COLD:-

    TAQOZ# COLD ---  ok
    TAQOZ# x
    þ *Cold start*
      Parallax P2  *TAQOZ RELOADED sIDE*  V2.7 'CHIP' Prop_Ver G 200MHz 201123-1000
    TAQOZ# $60000 FL TAQOZ ( Primary kernel extensions ) ---   Parallax P2  *TAQOZ RELOADED sIDE*  V2.7 'CHIP' Prop_Ver G 200MHz 201123-1000
     385                      error in WORDS  at +EXIT THEN *error*

    The same result occurs if reset is pressed alone (no COLD command)
    Yet many other files load just fine - I can run LIFE.FTH for instance on Tera Term.

  • I'm guessing here but maybe Peter has made some changes to the kernel too that affect some .FTH files that depend on these changes. I'm away from my board at the moment and can't test it right now but another approach would be to review the kernel source and check if the files that don't compile make use of something that is missing or changed within the kernel source. I think he's the best person to give you a competent and accurate advice.
    BTW, I experienced a similar issue when playing with an early SED version a while back that was eventually resolved.

  • Yes, there could well be a common point of failure in those files. Loads of other TAQOZ features to explore meantime. I've been thinking about the worth of making a TAQOZ v2.7 word glossary, built on top of the the TAQOZ ROM glossary - the reason for doing all that work would be to learn a lot more of the more obscure words. The other thing I want to get going with is a bunch of dsp words, written in assembler, aimed at software radio. However, they can always be prototyped in forth first. I want to use the PC as signal source and results display, using the free LabView 'Community Edition'. (Create signal - download to TAQOZ, TAQOZ crunches signal, uploads to PC, PC graphs, verifies or whatever the results)

  • I haven't updated the binary yet so you should load taqoz.spin2 or taqoz.bin and then talk to TAQOZ and load EXTEND, FILE, P2ASM, MEDIA etc.
    I see the binary you are using reports 201123-1000 so it is too old now. I thought I had a newer one. Where did you download it from?

    ErNa - sorry, I will check the emails. I have only started to check everything yesterday. Busy week driving out west through floodwaters for family.

  • bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 401
    edited 2021-03-31 11:05

    Where did you download it from?

    I went to the 'P2 Links for where to obtain Tools & Sample/Test Code (reference only)' to find your Taqoz entry. I took the link to your 'MY P2 DROPBOX'. Downloaded the lot.
    I then opened folder TAQOZ/binaries and used _BOOT_P2.BIX. I'll try the spin or bin file route, thank you.

    On Windows, using the Propeller Tool 2.5.3 downloaded today, I can load Taqoz spin file. When attempting to compile that, it fails at line 5143, the line starts with a ; which isn't recognised. I replaced that with '

    The code will then compile - the debug window reports:-

    Cog0  INIT $0000_0000 $0000_0000 load
    Cog7 INIT $0000_0D58 $0000_0000 load
    Cog0 INIT $0000_062C $0000_0000 load

    On reset and with tera term or the Propeller tool terminal Taqoz starts to run, but the terminal is unresponsive to input:-

      *Cold start*
      Parallax P2  *TAQOZ RELOADED sIDE*  V2.8 'CHIP' Prop_Ver G 200MHz 210330-1230

    Is there an alternative tool that will compile Taqoz under Windows, please?

    Alternatively, I don't know what tool to use to flash taqoz.bin?

  • @bob_g4bby - that ; seemed to assemble fine with p2asm but I will check the windows environment for compatibility. BTW, the ; seems to be accepted as a symbol and the line was compiled, so just removed the symbol and it will work. I have edited the console.twc file to remove that offended ; which wasn't meant to be there or as a comment either.

    033b8              execs   '      EXECUTE CODE from user input (append an EXIT first)
    033b8     33d10085      word    _WORD,EOL+ex,COMPW
    033be     22e41860 ;        word    w+EXIT,COMPW
                        '      execute wordcodes from beginning
  • bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 401
    edited 2021-03-31 12:24

    For now, I loaded TAQOZ.BIN using ERSmiths' flexprop tool. The kernel v2.8 boots and is responsive and Extend, File and P2ASM all compile fine.

    Hope all is well with the family, Peter. Sorry to hear about the flooding. We're just coming into Spring and our covid lockdown is easing, so was legally able to have a first spin out in the little three wheeler. Unseasonably warm for the last few days - the ladies are busy spreading compost and planting seeds and seedlings in the garden. Lots of netting and canes deployed

  • bob_g4bbybob_g4bby Posts: 401
    edited 2021-05-03 18:38

    Is it worth me starting a 'Taqoz Bites' article on inline assembly techniques? If others would like to contribute I can set it up on Google docs.
    My aim is to make a software defined HF radio in Taqoz, so want to go on to write dsp words to work on IQ data arrays.
    Cheers, Bob

  • @bob_g4bby - stable enough for me to use in my media module? Yes. Mature enough? I doubt it :smile:
    This is the listing from the subroutine that renders the text font. It's not 100% as I need to do more with processing labels and expressions. I can see that I could add a macro for copying and running code from cog memory too. I chose to make an automatic augs when I do a # too and conditionals and effects can be anywhere on the line so " wz mov a,a ret" is quite valid, why not?
    The listing turns on automatically when assembling this interactively but is suppressed somewhat during block load.

    TAQOZ# code VCH8A
    0BD52 FD64_2828         setq    #20                 ' copy into cogmod memory
    0BD56 FF00_005E         rdlong  @COGMOD,#PC 12 +    ' read longs into cog
    0BD5A FB07_9762
    0BD5E FD80_01CB         jmp     #\@COGMOD           ' and run it there
                            ' this section is loaded and run in cog memory '
    0BD62 F603_F024         mov     PTRA,b
    0BD66 F600_4823         mov     b,a
    0BD6A F044_4808         shr     b,#8                ' b = pen, a = paper'
    0BD6E FF00_0006         rdlong  r2,#_hp             ' _hpixels
    0BD72 FB04_255C
    0BD76 F184_2406         sub     r2,#6
    0BD7A F604_2207         mov     r1,#7
    0BD7E FAC0_1E25  .l1    rdbyte  xx,c                ' read in next font char
    0BD82 FCDC_0605         rep     #3,#5
    0BD86 F054_1E01         shr     xx,#1 wc
    0BD8A CC44_4961   if_c  wrbyte  b,ptra++            ' PEN PIXEL
    0BD8E 3C44_4761   if_nc wrbyte  a,ptra++            ' PAPER PIXEL
    0BD92 FC44_4761         wrbyte  a,ptra++            ' + BLANK COLUMN
    0BD96 F103_F012         add     PTRA,r2             ' next line
    0BD9A F104_4A01         add     c,#1
    0BD9E 0B6C_23F7   _ret_ djnz    r1,#l1
     ---  ok                end
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