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Terminal print arlo encoders

Can someone show me an example of terminal printing the encoder values using blockly? It's a arlo with a propeller wx board.


  • The Blocky code assumes one is using the DHB-10 motor control in your Arlo. The encoder information is not available to the master Propeller in the standard configuration.

    Does your Arlo have the DHB-10 motor controller?
  • yes its setup with the standard hardware. The tutorials show some use of the encoders using the simple IDE but the there is nothing in the blockly section for using or reading them.
  • The Blocky code runs on the Propeller Activity Board WX (PAB WX). The encoders connect to the DHB-10 so the PAB WX doesn't have direct access to the encoders. The DHB-10 uses the encoders to maintain the desired speed based on the pulses sent from the PAB WX. There isn't a way to access this data using the standard Arlo setup.
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