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National Love Your Robot Day! — Parallax Forums

National Love Your Robot Day!

WhitWhit Posts: 4,191
edited 2020-02-07 04:12 in Robotics

February 7, each year, is National Love Your Robot Day! Hypable has a great article from 2013 - Our 10 Favorite Robots in Film and on TV. Click here. What do you think is missing? How about this classic...


In honor of National Love Your Robot Day, 2020, I have programmed my Parallax S3 Robot (in Spin, using Phil Pilgrim's excellent talk_v2 object) to say, "I Love Robots."

And just to be sure you know what brand of Robots I prefer, I have also programmed my S3 to say, "I Love Parallax Robots."

Archived Spin Projects are attached.

Thanks to my friends at Parallax, Inc., for all they do to make these fun projects possible - with the best hardware, coding methods, educational resources, and tech support around!
Thanks to all of you too, who have taught me so much.

Have a great National Love Your Robot Day, and a great weekend!


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