Raspberry Pi and Propeller mini

Would there be an issue if I power the mini from the RPi via the 5V pin rather than the Vin pin?
Thanks in advance


  • The Vin pin is where you input voltage, which runs through a regulator to knock it down to 3.3V. The 5V pin and the 3.3V pin is where you pick up those voltages for use with peripherals. You may want to read the docs, the Vin may need something like 6-9V to power up the Propeller mini. Just to be sure read the docs.

  • Yes I know that 6-9V on Vin is the "correct" way

    My Project is not going to be located near a power source where I can get Power to the Pi and the Prop.
    I am hoping to bypass the 6-9V regulator and supply the regulated 5V directly to the 5V pin from the Pi in order to eliminate a second supply. Looking at the mini schematic, the only issue I see is the power available from the Pi.
  • Yes, I have powered the mini from the 5V pin with no issues.

  • me too
  • Do you have a common ground? Can you share a image of your connections or schematic of your project? That way we can see how you have everything connected.
  • yes you need common ground,

  • Thank you all for the info
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