nRF24L01(+) driver / demo available for propeller 1?



  • RS_Jim wrote: »
    I am attaching a file that captures what I see in minicom when the shockburst demo is running from the transmit side.. The .odt is a Libre Office text file. The received file, without interrupt, is in the .odt file attached to the interupts thread.

    Hi Jim,

    It looks like you may be running the PST-compatible version (NRF24L01-TXDemoWithAA-PST.spin) in minicom. The one that should work with correct output in minicom or another ANSI-compatible terminal is the NRF24L01-TXDemoWithAA.spin
    I develop demos like these that target ANSI-compatible terminals first, as they're most easily accessible no matter which platform a person's using. The -PST version in this case was an exception that I made for someone that wanted the output to work with the PropTool.
    Let me know how it goes if you try the ANSI-compatible version.

  • Jesse,
    I am running NRF24L01-TXDemoWithAA.spin. I haven't run any of the PST versions. I moved the included files into the main program as my compiler does not handle #include. I need to reorder the transmit program as it wants to send 20 repeats before sending the origonal data. if the main transmission is akd the repeats should never be sent.

  • Hi Jim,

    I'd strongly recommend using openspin to build everything...then you won't have to go through the extra effort of combining sources (it should just work as-is) - time better spent just developing an application. In any case let me know if there's something I can do to help.

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