Code for multiple COGs in a single .spin file ?

I can write multiple pasm section and launch them into several cogs like this and it compiles, don't know if it runs yet:

PUB Main
    cognew(@CODE1, 0)                 
    cognew(@CODE2, 1)                 

' 1st COG code
                    org     0              
                    ' code here
var1 long 0

' 2nd COG code
                    org     0              

                   ' code here
var2 long 0

Will this work?

How does the cognew() know how much code to load to the cogs?

Or does this result in each cog having all the code?


  • Yes, this should work.

    COGNEW always loads 496 longs of code. If your code is shorter, it'll just load whatever comes after into the remaining registers.
  • Ah, now I see. So it doesn't matter if the all cog code is longer than 496 bytes, loading starts from the address specified and anything that does not fit is effectively ignored. Thanks.
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