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  • reinaldoreinaldo Posts: 64
    edited 2020-11-11 04:27
    I’ll dm
  • I’m using MDDS10 cytron and I’ve been at work sorry for the late response.
  • reinaldo wrote: »
    I have tv option on the wx boe

    I assume you meant PAB WX? Parallax used to make a Propeller BOE (Board of Education). It's a different board than the PAB (Propeller Activity Board).

    I think I'll have some time to work on getting things converted to Spin this weekend. It will likely be convenient if we both use the same I/O pins to make it easier to test the code on your robot. I'm hoping you'll list how your I/O pins are connected.

    Based on the Blockly code you shared, I think you're using the following:

    Pin #: Use

    0: RC input elevator.
    1: RC input aileron.

    11: Very far right Ping.

    12: RC output to left motor control.
    13: RC output to right motor control.
    14: Center Ping.
    15: Very far left Ping.
    16: Left of center Ping.
    17 Right of center Ping.

    Is the above correct?

    Do you care if these get switched around?

    Which pins are you using for the TV?

    If you want to use the encoders, and you should really want to use them, then you'll need four pins. I personally think it would be a good idea to use the same I/O pins and was used by the PAB with two HB-25 motor controllers. The PAB with two HB-25s is a very similar setup to what you have. It would be nice if we kept the same pinouts as this earlier version of the Arlo hardware. This would let you switch between the two versions of code easily.

    Do you have any WS2812 (aka NeoPixel) type LEDs? This are pretty fun to add to a robot.

    Besides the elevator and aileron inputs, do you want to add any other RC inputs? It might be nice to use a knob or three position switch to set the robot in various modes.

    I hope to have some Spin code for you to try this weekend.

  • FlySky FS-i6X 10CH 2.4GHz RC Transmitter w/ iA6B RX is what I use for a controller...... I use the top knobs for controlling a turret and trigger system. I don't use the switches that flip up and down on the remote maybe one of those could be a autonomous mode.

    I want to be able to output the terminal still on the tv to possibly show the calculations. or make some kind of custom moving numbers or anything cool to print on the screen. the pin for the servo is pin 5.....

    maybe I could reorganize the pings to whatever you setup the ping pins for. while possibly leaving space for the tv pins which I have not setup yet with resistors.
  • thats a real challenge to make a mode for autonomy. I really want to just make my robot stop using all the pings if your not able to get the autonomous mode and use the tv out to display the terminal or anything on my screen using the wx board. also want my robot to use the welcome file for when a ping is triggered it will say welcome on the speaker lol.

  • reinaldoreinaldo Posts: 64
    edited 2020-11-15 18:57
    the pin setup you posted earlier are the correct pins by the way and its how I currently have them setup
  • reinaldo wrote: »
    maybe I could reorganize the pings to whatever you setup the ping pins for. while possibly leaving space for the tv pins which I have not setup yet with resistors.

    I think it would be helpful (at least it would be helpful to me) if we used the same pins as the Eddie/Arlo firmware.
    Looking at the Eddie/Arlo firmware I see the motor control pins are 12 (left motor) and 13 (right motor). The encoder pins start at 14 (left motor first).
    reinaldo wrote: »
    the pin for the servo is pin 5

    Pin 5 on the PAB? Which servo is this?
    It looks like your arm has three servos controlled with two channels. Is this correct?

    How do you want the servos controlled? The servos could be connected directly the the RC receiver output and controlled independent from the PAB. Do you want the program to control any of your servos?

    One concern is the number of I/O pins you'll need. Here's my count so far.

    Encoders 4
    Motor control 2
    RC inputs at least 2
    TV outputs 3
    Ping 5?

    This adds up to 16 which leaves two pins.
    Perhaps one of these pins could be used as a RC input to control the robot's mode? Maybe you want one of the pins to control a servo?

    I think we could free up two more pins by using a one-wire TV driver.

    The original Eddie/Arlo firmware was intended to be used with a controlling PC. I personally like to use the Propeller chip as the controller. If one Propeller chip can't handle the complete setup, then it's not uncommon to add a second Propeller chip to the mix.

    I'll PM you my phone number. It might help to discuss some this with a back and forth.
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