Paid gig: develop a driver/object for DS2777G+ Battery Fuel Gauge

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Hi all -

I would like to pay someone to create an object ("driver"?) in Spin, PASM or a combination thereof, for a DS2777G+ battery fuel gauge IC.

The datasheet for the Maxim DS2777 is found here:

Desired functions of the DS2777G+ object:

Voltage reading
Temperature reading
"Fuel level" reading
Cycle Counter reading and locking
Cell characteristics modeling and programming (see page 17)
Aging Capacity adjustment
Full / Empty Detect
Protection Register detection and modifications
Status register read/write (page 25)
control register read/write (page 26)
some EEPROM register functions
ROM ID read

The relevant schematic section of our custom board is included below. A development board will be provided.

Any interested parties, please contact me! Thanks in advance, Chris

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