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PropForth V6? — Parallax Forums

PropForth V6?

Is PropForth version 6.0 released yet?


  • I think PropForth is not supported anymore, but you should checkout TACHION. It is a very nice FOPRTH for P1 and the upcoming P2 has TAQOZ in ROM providing a minimal FORTH implementation, yet already quite powerful.

    @"Peter Jakacki" has improved TAQOZ way beyond the ROM version and is the current go to guy if you like FORTH.

  • Thank you for your comment. I have been trying to use Tachyon for my project, but it is sufficiently unique and for me it is quite frustrating because it is different in its behavior from other Forth implementations. Peter Jakacki is a very talented programmer and he has developed this system to fit his way of thinking. I am struggling trying to figure stuff out. Things that were easy in other implementations are vague and hard to discover. I was checking because I have had good luck with Prop Forth. I read somewhere that there was a version 6 floating around and wanted to verify that before moving onto my next project with version 5.5, which will work fine for me. Just checking for upgrades.
  • Hi.
    PropForth5.5 is last version for P1.
    But Sal(PropForth author) might discover Forth for P2 someday.
    Cannot you write code for PF5.5?
    Or how does stellaris Forth?
  • MJBMJB Posts: 1,235
    edited 2019-12-22 19:32
    Hi Steve @Steve_Hatch ,
    we did not see you a lot on the Tachyon threads to be able to help you with getting started with Tachyon.

    I started with PropForth many years ago and just then Tachyon came out.
    Immediately I switched over.
    It helped me learn Forth (the Tachyon way) and PASM as well - just by studying @"Peter Jakacki"s kernel code.
    And what I really like about it is that all source is available, transparent and with some effort - understandable.
    So you could even patch the kernel if you need/like to do so.

    And it is FAST !!

    And now with it in the P2 ROM and the upgrade path to the P2 for the full version it is the best you can get now ...
    But sure tastes are different.

    IF you need some more support - just ask ...
  • Peter JakackiPeter Jakacki Posts: 10,193
    edited 2019-12-23 00:20

    I thought propforth was always frustrating and slow and when I tried to use it initially back in 2010/2011 I ended up writing an extensive source code decompiler just to see what was going on since there was no plain source code for it. The decompiler practically generated a formatted source code listing.

    That's how I found out why it was so slow and decided to write my own Forth since I needed it for commercial projects whereas I had not seen one serious application written in PropForth except for little bench projects and even then it was filled with base64 code definitions! Nobody has need for multi-user consoles either.

    What's the use of any language if it doesn't actually do something at the very least, and what's the use of it if you can't take it beyond the bench?

    However this is not about PropForth, but about why I wrote Tachyon. It seems your 2 or 3 posts were answered not only well but also elaborated on. It was not just about how to stop a cog, but better ways (plural) of going about what you were trying to do.
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