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BS1 support, latest IDE, and just call me Rip vanWinkleStamp... — Parallax Forums

BS1 support, latest IDE, and just call me Rip vanWinkleStamp...

After several years and PCs away from my last efforts with Stamps, I'm diving back into reworking an old BS1 project.
Loaded the new IDE onto my Win10 machine, and... say what??!?
Unlike the old editor, the new IDE seems to have no tools... no memory map, etc. Practically a blank screen. No help, no docs, I guess it's all supposed to be obvious.

And though I can type stuff in the edit window, I can't connect to my BS1 through USB cable-> USB to 232 adapter -> BS1 serial adapter... try a download, get "Expected a target module: BS2, BS2E, (etc.)"... no BS1 in that list!

Maybe I'm forgetting how I did this in the past, but what am I missing? How do I program a BS1 these days?


  • AND... the available manual (v2.2) still shows the old editor, no help there...
  • AND, #2: Yes I should just go with a BS2-anything or even an Arduino, but this project is hardwired in and I have like 1 week to get it fixed, and I don't even know how to spell java much less program in it... yet...
  • And what are you using to program or to try to do so? The few times since this laptop arrived in February I have been able to program the few Stamp Ones who are here. Admittedly the Stamp One OEM is one device I have not, but, not as of yet. I'll probably confirm its working with the editor today in fact.

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  • It sounds like you may be using the Chrome editor (Parallax IDE).

    Are you using the first one listed here, for Windows?

    Ken Gracey
  • "BASIC Stamp Editor Software for Windows" works on Win 10 just fine and is what you remember.
  • patmat2350patmat2350 Posts: 6
    edited 2019-10-22 14:36
    Thanks, and well, that was strange. I had installed the Windows editor, thought I launched it, but apparently launched the Chrome editor instead- who knew, it's not in a Chrome window? Turned off the Chrome extension, relaunched the old editor, and yay! that's what I was looking for. And it talks to my BS1 over my USB cable-kluge just fine. Just like the old days.
    Curious though- does the Chrome editor have any of the tools, maybe hidden somewhere?

    Did order an Arduino anyway, we'll see how long it takes an old dog to learn that trick.
  • This is well and good. As for my ideas for the OEM BS1 device.... Later. Yes, partner, Jeff and especially Ken are both right, the Windows programmer is the one you do need and naturally it can program all of the Stamps out there.

    The Chrome extension, though, that's a Stamp2 family members targeted application. Do you recall how you downloaded it and even installed it?

    Ken what's that sitting on the desk staring at you as you consider a response to mine? Oh yes, its your icon, a fully dressed for fun activity board.

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    Mascot away, please your requests written down neatly next to the statue.
  • If you run out of space or capability on the BS1, it will be a lot easier to move to a BS2, instead of the Arduino. The language has a few updates and it's easy to port code. You use the same SDK. With Arduino you go to C.
  • patmat2350,

    I started with the BS2 but I have since moved on to the Propeller though I have a few Arduinos to play with.

    The Arduino is a lot faster than a BASIC Stamp and it can be programmed directly in Assembly language but it is still a single core microcontroller.

    The Propeller on the other hand has multiple independent cores that can do several things at once and Spin language closely resembles PBASIC.

    I don't know about you but I have never been fond of programing in C.
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,885
    (In my best curmugeon voice): If you can't do it with a BS1, it don't need to be done!
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