What is the PASM Equivalent? (solved)

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waitpeq(%0100, %1100, 0) 'Wait for P3 & P2 to be low & high

I just wanted to know the proper syntax. Are the parentheses the only difference?


  • I found a file on my computer named "pasm pulse measure". The first line is what I was looking for.
    ..  waitpeq pinA,pinA   'delta between 2 pulses
      mov temp1,cnt       '___-_______A
      waitpeq pinB,pinB   '______-____B
      mov temp2,cnt
      sub temp2,temp1
  • The third argument in Spin was meant to cover a second bank of 32 pins in a device that never made it to production. In PASM, since there's no room in the instruction for a third argument, the plan was to signify which bank by the state of the carry flag, a really bad idea that I'm glad never saw the light of day.

  • The third argument in Spin...
    I really never fully understood what programmers meant by the term "arguments". Thanks for clearing that up.
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