How to create project Zip file and post pictures ?

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I do not Know how to produce a zip file to attach to a post?? Also I would like to put pitchers of my projects on the post as well but do not know how??? Me not so smart. 5 sep 2019(Thur)

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  • In the file menu of the Propeller Tool there is an "Archive" option. Use that with "Project" to create zip file of all code.
    For pictures and the zip, use the "Attach a file" option under the text entry window to attach files.

    I think you have to attach files before posting.
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    Using the "Attach Files" that Ray mention, you can attach a variety of files. It will tell you if the forum software does not support them.

    Use the Propeller Tool to create .zip archives. For other file, you can use the free program 7zip.
  • Our just upload the photos to your Google account as an album and share the link. That way you can add to the album without updating the post.

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    If on Windows, I just right click on the file explorer or desktop and then click create folder. Then copy all the files to the zip. Some of the Proptool library files are not visible in file explorer, so you might save them to documents or desktop for this method.
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