SolidWorks help request to adjust a Parallax drawing


We're going to make some large-scale Parallax robot models of the ActivityBot 360 and cyber:bot - maybe about 2-3' long. The chassis will be made from 1/8" plate aluminum pieces which I will TIG-weld together.

I am looking for somebody with some SolidWorks skills to take the chassis drawing of folded aluminum and flatten it, out put in several pieces, scale it up, and return some DXFs.

If anybody has this capability please contact me


Ken Gracey


  • Make sure you're working with someone that knows how to calculate Bend Allowance etc.
  • You'll need different drawings if you are going to weld instead of bend, and if that is the case then it is pretty simple. I'd be happy to do it if you haven't already found someone.
  • Just an FYI: I use Freelancer for this sort of thing. You post a job for bidding and then be ready to be inundated with bids. Some of the bids I get that involve many hours of work...well I wouldn't get out of bed for those amounts. Payment is held in escrow until the job is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Thanks Rich - I'll forward you the drawing with an explanation.

    Mickster, certainly will try that next time too.

    Ken Gracey
  • Ken Gracey wrote: »
    Thanks Rich - I'll forward you the drawing with an explanation.

    Ken Gracey

    No problem, happy to help. If you get it to me right away I can look at it tonight or tomorrow morning. If not then Sunday when we get back from the Wooden Boat Festival.
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