Elev-8 Transmitter/Receiver Issue

Hi all. I am having issues with the Elev-8 quadcopter v3 transceiver.

We have performed flight controller and ESC calibration multiple times and unfortunately that doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

The drone can arm and disarm itself with the transmitter. With the GUI, the motors can be tested and spin in the correct way.

Overall I believe the hardware of the drone excluding the radio transmission from the transmitter works fine.

Despite calibrating the radio setup multiple times, the data shown on the GUI doesn’t match up to instructions being issued with the transmitter.

For example the right joystick controls the wrong channel and some of the other channels aren’t responsive at all.

I’ve checked the cabling of the drone and the receiver is connected to the flight controller as instructed in the assembly guide.

The biggest problem we have so far, and the reason why I think the transmitter is defective is that the left joystick, which should control the throttle doesn’t respond on the GUI or on the drone motors.

No matter which combination the receiver is connected, it does nothing. I’ve checked that the throttle arm switch is armed.

Any pointers would be very much appreciated.




  • Welcome to the Parallax forum Chris!

    I recall when setting things up I had to install some settings into the transmitter to have it understand the receiver. Pretty sure that was an xml file I downloaded from here or the main Parallax website.

    Does that ring any bells ? If you think it might help, I could go search the archives. But maybe you already did this.

  • Welcome Chris!

    The Ground Station software defaults to "Mode 1" transmitter. (Throttle on left). The only reason I say this, is that your IP indicates that you are in Austria, and most European pilots own Mode 2 equipment. You can change channel assignments in Ground Station to configure for Mode 2.
  • Thank you VonSzarvas & Publison.

    I just ordered a Spektrum TX/RX USB Programming Cable as one did not come with the kit.

    Once I have this I will download the XML file and report back.

    In the meantime I will look at changing Modes to see if that yields any improvements.
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