Where to get fuses for Arlo PDB

It appears that I've shorted out my Arlo Power Distribution Board.
Any idea where I can get replacement fuses?

I've tried to google search it but I get literally thousands of different


  • Here is the description.

    (4) - 2A Mini LP Blade Fuse (#452-00065)
    (1) - 5A Mini LP Blade Fuse (#452-00083)
    (3) - 10A Mini LP Blade Fuse (#452-00081)

    Bring it to an auto supply store and they should be able to set you up,
  • Outstanding! Thank you very much
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    Related fuse comment: I recently repaired a desktop ATX power supply which had a blown fuse from a power surge. Not easily replaceable since it's not "user serviceable".

    Like that's gonna stop me.

    Anyway, the ceramic fuse had pigtail wires and was soldered in. I removed it and took it to a local electronics shop but they didn't have a direct replacement. Instead, they had "pico fuses", which I had never seen before but worked just fine. They are tiny and look more like a resistor, and come in ratings up to 12A! Fast-acting, BTW. https://www.littelfuse.com/products/fuses/axial-radial-thru-hole-fuses/pico-fuses/251.aspx
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