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    Parallax just built some of these and sent me two. It's the HyperRAM/Flash board that VonSzarvas designed.

    I'm also interested in coding and sharing results on this board. I just got permanently laid off from my controls engineer job of 15 years, so I'm looking for something productive to do in the interim.

    If you want to write code for the HyperRAM board, I will send you one. PM me your shipping address.

    PM sent.
    Still interested in helping with this. I'm not under a strict non compete anymore.
  • @VonSzarvas are the Hyper memory boards coming out for sale soon, or are they waiting until when the P2 ES2 boards are released?
  • VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 2,468
    edited 2019-09-15 10:45
    What with the extra P2 development things may have been adjusted a little- let me ask the team about this.

    Update: Release is not specifically waiting on the P2-ES2 boards, especially as the new Hyper modules are compatible with existing P2-ES boards, and probably a handy breakout for some other uC's too! However... for Parallax the release means code samples, which are to some extent related to final decisions around the new chip and also spin2/tools/etc.. So my hunch is closer to your 2nd thought... that the release will likely end up around the same time as P2 ES2. (That might be pretty soon though.... I think there's a bunch of tasks holding on final alignments, and then GO GO GO !)
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