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Powering up a Javelin Stamp

AwesomeCronkAwesomeCronk Posts: 1,055
edited 2018-11-10 21:00 in Microcontrollers
Hello, I am attempting to fire up and run the JS1 module I bought a few months ago. My JSIDE terminal when I run the following program, or any, shows this error.
[Error IDE-0054 ] Unable to find a Javelin on any port.
public class HelloWorld {
public static void main() {
System.out.println("Hello World!");

This is my setup.
4032 x 3024 - 2M


  • I think my issue may be outdated drivers. The Parallax CD I have has a USB driver, as well as the JSIDE. The drivers may work, but I wanted to sk the pros before installing them as they are labeled for Windows XP or Vista(I'm on Win10)
  • The Javelin's backwards, oops :tongue:
    551 x 340 - 26K
  • Issue persists, and the Rx/Tx lights on my USB/Serial adapter do not light up at all.
  • PublisonPublison Posts: 12,060
    edited 2018-11-10 21:31
    I'll have to get my Dev board out and find my Jav chips, (I have 2 different versions).
  • I moved my BS2 and Jav stuff to my new place, Can't get to it till tomorrow. I have WIN XP, WIN 7, and WIN 10.
  • Thanks! I've got Rev. B on mine. Let me know what driver version you are using, please.
  • Thanks! I've got Rev. B on mine. Let me know what driver version you are using, please.

    Going to take another 2 days.
  • No prob. Busy with school anyway.
  • PublisonPublison Posts: 12,060
    edited 2018-11-13 17:34
    Neither of my 2 Javelin chips identify on PDB or Javelin boards anymore. Using 2.0.3:

    Tried on WIN 10 and WIN 8.

    Can't go on with any help. Time to call tech support.
  • Thanks.
  • Do you thing the driver handler thingy in the JSIDE may be Win10 incompatible?
  • I don't have time to call tech until the weekend. Maybe then.
  • @Publison
    I called tech support a few hours ago. The guy who answered asked me to send an email, so that he could forward it to one of the senior engineers. That's definitely progress.
  • @Publison
    I called tech support a few hours ago. The guy who answered asked me to send an email, so that he could forward it to one of the senior engineers. That's definitely progress.

    Probably Jeff Martin. He has been there for years. Maybe Chip may step in.
  • Clayton,

    I emailed a couple of engineers that have been here since the days of the Javelin and these are their comments below.

    There's a situation that may be involved here... the software for the computer and firmware on the Javelin Stamp were designed in a way that was unfortunately affected by CPU speed; the problem is, with more modern computers, the two have difficulty communicating with each other, resulting in the error message he saw. If I remember right, it had something to do with the size of the user code in the Javelin, or whether or not the Javelin had ever been programmed in the first place. I think we had some kind of recovery tool, but I think it required a slower computer to be effective. I'll see if I can find that.

    "[Error IDE-0054 ] Unable to find a Javelin on any port" is like " BASIC Stamp Found..." It means that it is not receiving a response from the Javelin Stamp.

    Are you getting any rx and tx (red, blue) lights flickering?

    Also try to get details about the demo board (and or USB/serial converter) he's using, and compare the programming schematic in this doc with the one for the demo board he has:

    Side notes:
    His program is missing import stamp.core.*
    The software he would have to use is ancient. I'm not sure that it would successfully communicate with USB/serial drivers. Unfortunately the software developer we contracted allowed his source code to get nuked, so we have no way of getting updated software.

    Me:(Miguel Tech Support)
    I also notice that the usb to serial converter in the picture is newer and different than the original converter that came with the development board. By the time the new usb converter was designed the Basic Stamp PDB was already discontinued. There were cases where the new converters were not working with older boards.

    Best Regards
    Miguel Rodriguez
    Parallax Tech Support

    This is the email that I received earlier.
  • Jeff:
    I am using a Javelin Stamp, Rev. B, purchased from the forums. Arrived in original packaging with a never-used claim. As to PC speed, I have no idea.

    No Rx or Tx lights. My Javelin is on a Professional Development Board from Chris S. My code was taken from the Javelin Stamp Manual, found on page 35 of the attached pdf.

    I have an older USB-Serial adapter, which yielded the same communications issue. I called support a (long)while ago, and I was directed to the FTDI site for the most recent drivers, as it did not work with either JS1 or BS2. I ended up getting the most recent one for use with BS2s. the new one works with BS2s, but nothing works with JS1s. My theory at the time still holds. I may need to find a copy of the drivers released with the JSIDE in 2009. I do have a product disk from then that holds a copy of the JSIDE. it may hold such drivers.

    This is my response.
  • microcontrollerusermicrocontrolleruser Posts: 1,194
    edited 2018-11-26 16:25
    Have you checked the pinout?

    I think it is Stamp compatible.

    Try it on a regular Stamp board.

    If the Javelin stamp is no good they come up on Ebay fairly often for not much money.
  • My other stamp board is a BOE usb, and I am fairly certain the FTDI usb chip on it was not programmed with the java codes.
  • microcontrollerusermicrocontrolleruser Posts: 1,194
    edited 2018-11-27 01:18
    I have Stamp Professional board and it accepts Javelin stamps.

    I do not think the USB IC on the board has anything to do with it running.

    Does your Javelin stamp work?

    Or do you have a board with a USB problem? Or connecting to Editor problem?

    Edit. " My JSIDE terminal " What is that?
  • AwesomeCronkAwesomeCronk Posts: 1,055
    edited 2018-11-27 01:30
    My PDB also accepts Javelins.

    The USB IC on my BOE is the programming link(built-USB/Serial interpreter) from Stamp editor on PC to the BS2. Built for the BS2 family, there is no reason that the Javelin could be programmed on it.

    @"Ken Gracey", is(sorry, was) there any sort of Javelin tester board, to determine the functionality of a Javelin?

    My board is one hundred percent functional.

    JSIDE-Javelin Stamp Integrated Development Environment. The terminal is the USB port on which the Javelin is being programmed.
  • microcontrollerusermicrocontrolleruser Posts: 1,194
    edited 2018-11-28 03:43

    You can use your Stamp board to test your Javelin module.
    Parallax makes a variety of carrier boards for BASIC Stamps. The Javelin
    Stamp can be powered and programmed using any of these carrier boards. You
    can also make your own connections for supply voltage and serial cables. See
    the Hardware Setup section in Chapter 2.

    That is from Javelin manual.Here's link for one I looked in.
  • I worry about the USB adapter on the newer BOE usb version. Please note that all of the boards at the time of this manual were serial.
  • The manual is 5 years outdated
  • microcontrollerusermicrocontrolleruser Posts: 1,194
    edited 2018-11-29 15:39

    I myself would just put it on there.

    If you want reassurance, call or email support before you do it.

    The Javelin was Parallax's new microcontroller before the Propeller.

    When you get it going it should be fun!

    Edit Sent a message to Support for you.
  • The manual is 5 years outdated
  • Sorry, phone glitched and reposted
  • microcontrollerusermicrocontrolleruser Posts: 1,194
    edited 2018-11-30 06:31

    "The manual is 5 years outdated "

    That's right. The Javelin is not a current device with Parallax.

    As you can see on the website they no longer sell them and have not made anymore.

    Support never got back to me today. Alll day!

    Will phone them in the morning for you.

  • Awesome Cronk

    Let's just ask the forum.

    Anybody know if it's okay to run a Javelin on a BOE USB?

    I would just put it on there.

    If you want confirmation before doing that then we will wait.

  • Awesome Cronk

    Here you go. Support did get back to me yesterday. I just missed it another email account of ours.
    You can't use it with a Homework board but it will work on a Board of Education. There are a few steps to configure the IDE in order for it to work on a Board of Education.

    When the you open the Javelin IDE go to the Projects tab - Global Options - Debugger Tab - ...Button - Value - COM # Field, then select the Add button, then press ok. In the serial port option make sure your Javelin is selected then select Ok and do an Project Identify.

    Let me know how that works.
  • I tried that on the PDB(yielded COM 3), then tried downloading again. Instead of telling me it could not find a javelin, I got a popup that said "Linking Program", which turned to "Resetting Javelin", with a progress bar that never filled. Afterward I got this error:

    [Error IDE-0022] Error reading from the serial port [timeout].
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