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Nuts & Volts Strowger Switch cover — Parallax Forums

Nuts & Volts Strowger Switch cover

It was good to see I'm not the only that tinkers with these older switches. I only have one and it's fully functional. I believe it's a selector and I was able to dig up most of the drawings and schematics for it.


  • Hi

    Pictures- links?
    you've got my interest- used to spend all day overhauling those in the old days in uk.

  • ercoerco Posts: 19,958
    WOW, what a calliope, amazing that they worked so long and reliably with all those flexing wires moving about.

    Must get one! :)
  • This is a quick photo I haven't tinkered with it in a while. I'll dig out the data I don't remember but I think it's a western electric and 99% sure it was a selector. I have the gray metal cover too. These are quite complex machines it has many sequenced contacts. Some coils hold their magnetism after the power is gone.
    I rigged it with a pulse phone off hook it jumps up several stacks and if you dial a digit it cuts over the number of places that match the digit.
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  • ercoerco Posts: 19,958
    Nice piece. What a way to learn your ABC's!
  • The switch has 10 vertical stacks and 10 rotational contacts. The way it works is when I'm off hook it will jump to the first stack but if I hot wire the first stack as busy it will jump to the next stack and so on. When a number is dialed it rotates to that position a 5 would be contact 5 etc.
    Place the phone on hook it resets. I don't have a line finder or connector switch. You need one line finder five selector switches and one connector switch to dial a seven digit phone number. You really don't need a line finder that just connects your home phone to a central office line that isn't busy when off hook. In a demo your only using one or two phones. I haven't had time to build a dial tone, busy or ring back generator.
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