$30 R2-D2 Mini Fridge

Every self-respecting roboticist needs one of these! Sized to hold a 6-pack. Robots & beer sodas just go together, amirite?




  • I have a red one under my desk, labeled as an "Igloo". Works fairly good for keep sodas cold, but can only chill about 30 degrees below room temp as it uses a Peltier device. Mine also has the heat setting to warm foods.
  • Shouldn't that be called a micro fridge?
  • Walmart should change the name on the advertisement. The Mini-Fridge is bigger. That item that is linked is called a cooler.

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    If you're all THAT thirsty, Hans got cans. 18, count 'em, 18 I tell ya. Cans Solo.


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    Here's a Han Solo refrigerator!
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    Fantastic! A heap of work, and properly stocked with IPA: Intergalactic Pale Ale.
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    Wow, I should have gotten that one.

    It's funny that you brought it up though, because I bought one with the brand name Gourmia to convert to computer control, the dull idea to turn it into a calibration chamber or incubator. Nothing so exciting as a carbonitorium.

    Here's what it looks like under the hood. I think all of these in different brands you can find online are basically the same. There is a 12V ~5A power supply and a switch for changing the direction of current through the TEC, and a fan and indicator lights. You have to turn the switch from Cold to Hot in order to release Han from the Carbonite.

    The teardwon photos show the back of the fridge open with the fan, heat sink, 12V SMPS, and switch board. Also the heat sink removed to show the TEC itself sandwiched between the outer and inner heat sinks, with the high-temperature cutoff switch. And the schematic of the switch board.

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    As usual Tracy, you're one step ahead! I was given a little Peltier fridge like this. The 3A switching power supply was bad. I brought it back to life temporarily by replacing a bad cap but that same cap blew again. That sucker puts off some serious heat. I drilled a LOT of ventilation holes in the case but she still blew. Back to the drawing board!
  • erco wrote: »
    Cans Solo.

    Dude. That was bad.
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