Will Robinson and the Smoking Robot

It's all fun & games until smoke pours out of the Bubbleheaded Booby with Bob May inside! Jump to 2:40.


  • That's pretty funny!

    Actors and smoking... There are a couple of the original Star Treks where you'll see Leonard Nimoy -- a heavy smoker at the time -- is just off camera, and there are puffs of cigarette smoke wafting in from the edge of the screen. Watch 'Journey to Babel' and pay close attention to the lower-angle shots in the sick bay where Nimoy is still on set (maybe to deliver lines to the other actors?), but hidden from view by a prop. Several times you can see little wisps of smoke over the prop as the other actors do their lines. (Sadly a lifetime of heavy smoking eventually took Nimoy's life, even though he had quit several decades before his death.)

    When these things aired TV resolution was too low to notice a lot of this stuff. In the same episode there's a shot in a reception room where you can see no fewer than eight or nine "marks" clearly visible (marks are pieces of tape on the floor that tell the actors where to stand). These were either outside the safe broadcast area, or deemed too obscure for most people to notice. You sure do notice it in the digital restorations.
  • Get your 1960's smoking robot here:


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