How to make multiple HID(Keyboard+Gamepad) via RN-42


I'm using Arduino Uno and RN-42 as a BT module.
Now, I'm having trouble with RN-42.

I want to make a HID device as Keyboard + Gamepad (report descriptor) which means two HID in one device.

According to the RN42 datasheet, the command for the setting the report descriptor is "SH,<value>".

As you can see from the attachment picture,
it works when I try to do it one at a time, but I can't find
the way to make two interfaces(Keyboard+Gamepad).
I've tried several ways to do it but it's not working.

Is there anyone who knows about this? Help me please!!

Thanks in advance
702 x 439 - 47K


  • Have you tried the COMBO setting? Considering that the most common combination is a keyboard and mouse/touchpad the chip may not support what you are trying to do.
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