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cirocomm 595k (gps module)

I found this gps module in my basement, I had a spin demo for it years ago that worked great. Does anyone have a demo for this in their library, i'm having trouble finding the spin demo in obex or other places on the web.


  • You might want to try a file from the Parallax Kick-Starter page. The PMB-648 that I have, (from Radio Shack sale), has Cirocomm label on it.
  • Also search for Parallax 28146 or Parallax 28500
  • Thanks Publison, at first glance I was under the impression that all 6 wires on the module needed to be connected, the kickstart showed only vdd, vss and yellow signal wire hooked up. GPS_Float_Lite_Demo ended up displaying all the features and it was the only one I could get to display on the pst. The code from the kickstart displayed invalid. Thank you for the help and info.
  • II have this module. Used to work perfectly with Arduino and SD card for breadcrumb tracking I did. It has been off for 3-4 years. It will not acquire a sat now. Red light flashes, but will not go solid. Can I use some of the other wires to do a hard reset of the device. iseries Mike on this forum said it might be looking for old sat positions. I am only using the power and yellow wires. Can the others be used to reset? I have ublox software and it is receiving data from the device. But it is not sending coordinates because its not solid red light (connected to sats).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • Found the cold reset command on the ublox software. I think I just need to connect the TX wire to send it commands?
  • pmrobertpmrobert Posts: 640
    edited 2019-02-07 17:54
    If it hasn't run in that long it will need to acquire an almanac and ephemeris from the GPS constellation sats that happen to wander into view - this can take up to an hour though usually shorter - ideally about 13 minutes. Power it up making certain the antenna has a full sky view and wait. I don't know of any GPS chipsets that work differently.
  • i bought the cirocomm 595k gps years ago. never could get it working. anyone have known good codes for it.

  • PublisonPublison Posts: 12,154

    @eljacobs3 said:
    i bought the cirocomm 595k gps years ago. never could get it working. anyone have known good codes for it.

    Welcome to the forum but I see you have been a member for a few years, Did you try the program from Post2? I will attach it.

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