L-Star Plus

I just finished building jac_goudsmit's cool L-Star Plus kit. It is a 6502 platform that uses a Propeller chip for I/O and memory. The assembly instructions are great and the kit quality is as well. It worked the first time and is running the Apple 1 emulation. I'll have to try the code that uses the SRAM next. Nice job, Jac!


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    Thanks David! Happy to hear you got it working.

    I'm working on documentation, and The 8-bit Guy on YouTube is going to do a review of it soon.


    I'm planning on emulating other computers like the PET-2001 and the Acorn Atom. Also I want to design an expansion board to emulate the KIM-1, SYM-1 and Elektor Junior. And I have some ideas about a version that runs faster and uses a 65C816 instead of a 65C02.

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