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Instructions for running BlocklyProp OFFLINE (thread obsolete 10/2019 - use



  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 7,310
    edited 2019-10-22 16:07
    Publison wrote: »
    Ken Gracey wrote: »
    And for anybody else encountering this thread, these instructions are obsolete.

    Instead, just use

    Ken Gracey

    Ken, are you doing away with the server/client version? That's where all the cool programs live.

    We've discussed it because it's a tremendous cost to keep the servers running the way we are. At some point, we'll announce a process where we can archive off all the codes there. We'd have to put them up as svg files from This is a ways off and I don't want to alarm anybody with the possibility of it at this moment.

    Ken Gracey
  • I tested on my Win10 laptop (Win10 64 Bit) with Edge. Seems to work fine even the SimpleIDE download on the Blockly pulldown.
  • Not sure how this offline edition is supposed to work. I am using Win 10 Pro 64-bit version. I went through an "installation" process which put a BlocklyProp icon on my screen. When I click on that icon I have a widow that opens up and it shows an IP address, port, log file, trace, an Open Browser button, and a Connect button.

    When I click on the Browser button, it opens up a browser, but it still asks for some log in information when you try to create a new project, not sure what is going on.

  • You're an early adopter of Solo and you're very close!

    Rather than have it open the browser window for the on-line version, just go to after you start the BlocklyProp Client (the tool you described which created the BlocklyProp icon).

    Ken Gracey
  • RsadeikaRsadeika Posts: 3,563
    edited 2019-10-01 05:25
    I think I made some headway. As you suggested I just went to, and it seems to show something that looks like the start of BlocklyProp. So, the BlocklyProp icon on my desktop, is not starting a local program, you still have to be connected to All that is occurring is that you do not have to be logged in.

    I was still hoping for something that resided on my computer. That way you have the assurance of a program that would be accessible all the time, as long as your computer can start up.

  • The BlocklyProp icon on your desktop establishes a connection to the BlocklyProp web site, that’s all.

    The codes you create are saved locally. The benefit of a browser-based environment is that the latest software is always there, just by opening the page. The drawback, if Parallax isn’t particularly careful with upgrades, is that old code could break. I say this because it’s a possibility but very unlikely to happen. The team has taken great care to ensure upgrades are backwards compatible and they’ve succeeded in keeping that goal.

    Ken Gracey
  • Well, I thought I was making some headway, but I was wrong. I am using Win 10 Pro 64-bit, I can get to the BlocklyProp Solo window, but when I try to create a new project, it always shows a 'BlocklyProp-Client not found...'.

    Not sure why it is not finding the client, I tried installing the 64-bit version and the 32-bit version. I also tried doing it with Edge, Firefox, and Chrome browsers, no luck. Not sure what the next step should be, give up.

  • VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 2,393
    edited 2019-10-01 14:17
    You mentioned downloading the client a few posts up. Did you click the "Connect" button on the client page?
    Maybe that's all you need.
  • VonSzarvas is correct. It's most likely that you didn't press the "connect" button.

    There's a small possibility that you have both BlocklyProp versions open (Solo and the main which could cause the exhibited behavior, but I'm not certain.

    Ken Gracey
  • So far I have discovered the correct procedure is, double click on the BlocklyProp icon then hit the connect button. Now you can go ahead and open, which should give you the Solo window. The new problem is that the keyboard clicks are not responding in the Solo window.

    I did do a 'code' click, which added the essentials, but when I wanted to add 'high(26);', that did not show up on the screen. I did try this in the Edge, Firefox, and Chrome browsers, all did not have access to the terminal(Solo) screen. Not sure why the keyboard is not cooperating with the Solo screen.

  • Keyboard use in BlocklyProp is limited to completing fields in the blocks, for the most part. You'll use your mouse to drag the blocks into the workspace, putting them where they logically belong.

    When you click on <code> you will see the C code. You cannot edit the code here, as the C doesn't update Blockly. If you decide you want to create C code that the blocks are unable to generate, you can insert a custom code block.

    You can download the entire C project with associated libraries (command in the hamburger menu on right).

    YouTube has a number of videos from Parallax of BlocklyProp in use. Many are really short, others are longer and show some projects being built. Take a look at these, too.

    I think you're doing this entirely for the BME680 sensor, right? I am also thinking of putting that to use pretty soon and would create a video if I do.

    Ken Gracey

  • Ken Gracey wrote: »

    There's a small possibility that you have both BlocklyProp versions open (Solo and the main which could cause the exhibited behavior, but I'm not certain.

    Hi Ray-

    This is a really good point that I just want to make sure you didn't miss.

    You should only have one instance of the blocklyprop webpages open, or the connection to the BlocklyPropClient can behave unexpectedly.

    Ie. If you have "solo" open, and then decide to use the main "", then close the "solo" browser window first so it free's up the BlocklyPropClient connection.

    I discovered this when having multiple windows open whilst doing some testing! Sometimes it works, but it's inconsistent and best to avoid for an easy coding life!

  • OK, I got the thing to finally work. I got a small BlocklyProp program to work. I did the standard high(26), pause(500), low(26), pause(500), inside a while loop. This does work in Win 10 Pro 64-bit using Edge.

    When I do a save of the program, where, or what folder does the program get saved in.

  • Your downloads folder, on your computer.

    Ken Gracey
  • I looked in my Downloads folder, it was not there. But I did find it on my external drive in some obscure folder. Is their a way to assign a folder where you want your saved project to go.

  • I'm not sure. I think your Windows settings determine default file saving locations.

    Ken Gracey
  • Just for clarity, my system is set up for all downloads to go into the Downloads folder. Maybe a coincidence, but the folder that I found the project file in was a folder that I used to upload some things to the Parallax forum, many, many months ago.

  • Good-day All,

    I am having some trouble with my offline version. After I have followed all procedures to installing and running the offline software, it boots up and runs no problem. But it gives me no port or option to upload my code to my device.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  • It's me again.

    Never mind.
    I retried the procedures and it seems to be working again. Now I can finally enjoy the program. :smiley:

    But thank you so much.

  • Dear Ken Gracey

    Is there a 32-bit version of this program?

  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,167
    Should this whole thread be listed as obsolete?
  • Whit wrote: »
    Should this whole thread be listed as obsolete?

    Yes, thanks Whit! I will also try to lock the thread.

    Ken Gracey

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